FinkA in Delhi and Bangalore

In the context of the Indo-German Initiative for Civil Security Research Prof. Strohschneider travelled to India in early March 2017. He participated in a binational project meeting in New Delhi and then continued to Bangalore, where he met with the Indian partners of the INVOLVE-project, namely Jija Hari Singh from the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services and the group of Prof. Narendar Pani from the National Institute of Advanced Studies. The discussions dealt with questions of volunteer training and on the motivational bases of volunteerism in an Indo-German comparative perspective. The Indian partners also organized an impressive mock drill involving all local civil security organizations. The collaboration will be continued with field work during April 2017.

The pictures show Bangalurian fire men with their fire fighting motor cycles and Prof. Strohschneider (with Jija Hari Singh and Tim Stuchtey from BIGS) in the middle of civil security volunteers.

Indien 2017-03 (2) Indien 2017-03 (1)