FinkA field study in Bangalore

From March 24th to April 11th, two members of the INVOLVE research team in Jena ( travelled to Bangalore. Following a previous visit by Professor Stefan Strohschneider earlier in March, Pablo Holwitt and Ankita Karode visited Bangalore to conduct a field study with the aim of collecting research data about motivational bases of volunteers. The visit was planned and coordinated with the project partners at the National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. The main contact persons in Bangalore were Prof. Narendar Pani und Dr. Anshuman Behera of NIAS, as well as Ms. Jija Harisingh from the Karnataka State and Fire Emergency Services and Dr. P R S Chetan from the Civil Defence Units Bangalore.

During the field visit, Mr. Holwitt and Ms. Karode conducted several qualitative interviews with volunteers and employees of the Civil Defence Units, participated in meetings of the organization and visited a school and a hospital that cooperate with the Civil Defence Units in regards to designing and conducting training programmes for volunteers. The visit provided the opportunity for many fruitful and engaged discussions between the German and Indian partners and yielded several new insights and valuable data for the common project.

Karnataka Civil Defence Corps

Interview Civil Defence Unit