Quantitative survey in India

During August 2018,Pablo Holwitt from the INVOLVE research team travelled to India to conduct a quantitative survey among volunteers engaging in disaster management in the state of Karnataka. In close cooperation with research partners of the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore and the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services he met representatives of various volunteer-based organizations and collected data for the comparative research project on sources and forms of volunteer work in Germany and India. The bulk of the field research took place in the city of Mangalore where Mr. Holwitt worked together with local authorities of the Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services.


During the stay, approximately 120 volunteers participated in the survey. The survey was designed to gain insights into volunteers´ social background, motivations, values, work routines, as well as their opinions on how to improve volunteer services and disaster relief work. Among the organizations approached for the survey were Home Guards, Civil Defense Units and various non-government organizations. The results from the field research will contribute significantly to the findings gathered from the research project.

DSCN3512 20180814_111200